• Correct and impeccable service
  • Complete solution for your logistics
  • Direct and clear communication
  • Flexibility
  • Secured warehouses and parking
  • Trendsetter logistics


As a logistic provider VANDOTRANS disposes of spacious and well-cared-for warehouse spaces. Expressed in concrete figures this means 9000 pallets in pallet racks, a surface of 3200 m2 for block stacking and largely 2000 m2 for outdoor storage.
Besides warehousing, VANDOTRANS assures several value added services, such as picking, repacking, labeling and scanning. You can find more detailed information about these services on the Services page. Another complementary asset is that VANDOTRANS disposes of its own trucks that can be used for its own customers or for third parties.

The entirety of logistic services is supported by Navison, a powerful warehouse management system.

Vandotrans aims in the first place for a long-term and durable collaboration, but is also at your disposal to intervene at peak moments in your flow of goods. Stimulated by a flexible attitude and the intended and necessary innovations, Vandotrans has planned to offer your company even more value added services in the future.

In 2000 Vandotrans obtained its HACCP certificate. In 2010 the AEO certificate has been granted to Vandotrans.


1992 : establishment Vandotrans and starting the construction of new premises in Aalter
1996 : set up of logistic activities in first warehouse  
1999 : construction of a second warehouse   
2000 : obtained the HACCP certificate  
2001 : construction of a high-rise warehouse  
2007 : implementation of Navison (warehouse management system)
2010 : obtained the AEO certificate