VANDOTRANS is the specialist in warehousing for East and West Flanders. We assure the storage of your goods and materials and we take car that the internal logistic flow of goods and the management of the order flow will be handled to the best of our abilities.

As for storage, Vandotrans disposes of different types of warehouses, such as for bulk storage (= outdoor storage on our yard) and pallet racking. Our warehouses are situated at a strategic location in Aalter, in a central position between Bruges and Ghent. Since our establishment as a transport and logistics company in 1992, we have acquired proficiency as a valuable full-service provider. We offer a wide range of services, from just storage and cross-docking of your products (food, non-food, outdoor storage,…) to a complete range of services (labelling, repacking, stock control management…).  

Our assets? Flexibility, tailor-made solutions from A to Z and even short-term possibilities of 24 hours under advantageous logistic and financial conditions. Moreover, our HACCP and AEO certificates assure you that your storage will be carried out and dispatched safely and correctly. Vandotrans offers you worry-free storage!

Outdoor Storage

From one square meter to a few thousand square meters: Vandotrans disposes of sufficient space and the appropriate infrastructure for the outdoor storage of your goods. Metals, concrete, stone,  ,… our sites with concrete pavements are perfectly suitable for outdoor storage and, moreover, they guarantee a userfriendly use of fork-lift trucks . Rental for outdoor storage depends on the desired duration and surface. Contact us today for a tailor-made quote.

Stock Control Management

A correct stock control management is essential for any smoothly running business. Therefore Vandotrans Warehousing, your external partner for logistics and transport, guarantees that your stock will be 100% up-to-date at any time. Our unique warehouse management system (WMS) controls all stocks and provides an overview of your flow of goods at any time. Stock lists, reports and historical tables, traceability,… your stock control management is in good hands with Vandotrans!

Renting Storage Space

Renting an appropriate storage space is no sinecure nowadays. Apart from all kinds of laws and regulations, security measures and other concerns, renting your own storage space does not only take too much of your time and means, but it also diverts your attention from your core business. That is exactly why Vandotrans has specialised in the rental of storage space and therefore we offer you all possible extra services, from order picking over stock control management to transport of goods.

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